A Variety of Investment Offerings to Meet the Needs of Financial Institutions

SPF provides financial institutions with an array of investment product options to satisfy the product preferences and risk tolerances of all clients. Our comprehensive management platform, dataVISION®, provides the support you need to track clients’ portfolios and meet Compliance requirements.

The following is an overview of the SPF product offerings:

Full-Service Brokerage

For customers that need or want the services of a professional advisor for financial planning and transaction-based brokerage services, SPF offers traditional brokerage products and services including stocks, bonds, options, unit investment trusts, mutual funds, brokered CD's, market linked CD's, and fixed and variable life and annuity products.

Discount Brokerage

For those customers that want to do-it-themselves, with high touch functionality without the assistance of a professional advisor, SPF offers eVISION®. Through a website co-branded with the bank, customers are able to purchase and/or trade online individual securities on a discounted basis and buy or sell mutual funds from a pre-approved menu of more than 4,600 no-load mutual funds, many with no transaction fee.

Financial Planning

SPF offers several options for providing financial planning and asset allocation services using an online fully integrated financial planning system that enables the advisors to pull data and save financial plans directly into dataVISION®. The SPF fee-based products include both profiling and asset allocation tools and models. Representatives that are licensed financial advisors are able to offer fee for planning as well as professional fee-based asset management.

Wealth Management

SPF has developed a model for “Scalable Wealth Management” to address the variable needs of customers depending on the level and frequency of personalized service needed. The model addresses the need to efficiently utilize professional resources to their highest and best use by delivering the level of service appropriate to the customers' needs (based on asset size and complexity of management needed) and wants (based on the level of personalized service desired and required).

Fee-Based Advisory Services

SPF offers a competitive line-up of advisory and fee-based services in its suite of Asset Management products. If your financial institution has other fee-based platforms with which it is already working, we can be flexible in supporting them as well. Just discuss it with us.

Insurance Services

The SPF Insurance Services group provides access to a wide range of life insurance, long term care, disability insurance and insurance for the business owner. The group is dedicated to supporting all advisors in their efforts to serve customers’ needs on a broader scale.

Bond Trading and Fixed Income Trading System

SPF has integrated the Municenter into dataVISION® allowing advisors to access thousands of fixed income offerings from hundreds of bond dealers in real time and online. Advisors can also generate excellent client ready proposals and analysis of fixed income portfolios’ for client presentations. In addition, SPF has experienced traders available to advisors for assistance in finding fixed income products, help with constructing portfolios, consultation and guidance.

Customer View of Consolidated Account Information

SPF offers all clients the ability to access a consolidated view of the accounts, whether self-advisory, full service or insurance products through their My Portfolio View (“MPV”) system. MPV can be accessed by the customer online through a link on the bank’s website or via home banking, through the SPF Single Sign-On system. SPF provides a unique solution to position your bank as a leading provider in all delivery channels to further position you as the preferred financial institution with your customers.

Retirement Services "My Way"

A complete line of small to large business retirement services are available online. We offer a multi-fund platform, web-delivered 401(k), 403b, 457, Solo (k) and Retirement Plan that lets the advisor do proposals online at their desk from start to finish with tracking, enrollment and online access by participants. SPF's 401(k) program, 401K My Way™, is designed specifically for small businesses and offers more than 50 mutual fund families from which employers and employees can choose. In keeping with our goals to bring you leading edge technology solutions that lower the cost of investing to your customers, we offer hassle-free retirement plan products that your clients will thank you for offering.