SPF and CFS Expand Remote Delivery Strategy with Award-winning Secure Profiling Tool

Sister companies honored with BISA Technology Innovation Award for leadership in advancing technology tools and services for financial institutions

SAN DIEGO – April 29, 2015 – Sister companies, CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS) and Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC (SPF), full-service broker-dealers and SEC Registered Investment Advisers providing customized investment and insurance solutions to financial institutions, have announced a new online profiling tool, BuildMyProfile™, for use by investment representatives in financial institutions and their clients. The new profiling tool has been integrated fully into the companies’ proprietary dataVISION® client and account management system, allowing seamless collection and integration of information throughout the system. This tool expands the suite of remote delivery tools CFS and SPF offer by extending the process to include the initial client profiling so that advisors can interact with clients from start to finish through mobile and online channels to enhance convenience and efficiency. 

The Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA) presented CFS and SPF with the Technology Innovation Award for BuildMyProfile™ at its Annual Convention. The BISA Technology Innovation Award recognizes leadership in the advancement of the financial services industry's products, services and platforms through technology innovation. The sister broker-dealers have now won the award for two different technologies that provide true mobility and flexibility for investment representatives and their clients.

While profiling software is not new to the financial services industry, this particular profiling tool incorporates new, secure, remote delivery technology. Specifically, the profiler questionnaire can be sent via a secure link to a client. The client then can fill out the data as requested, close the form, and the content is available to the advisor immediately in a secure fashion, without needing to be emailed or faxed back. In addition, any information filled into the forms automatically populates the client contact record for the advisor and that data is then available in the dataVISION system for completing forms, tracking activities and servicing the client. 

Both this and the recently released mobile app, SendMyDocs™, which allows clients to send documentation securely via smart phones and tablets, were developed to answer financial institution requests to support remote clients. “As clients visit traditional branches less frequently for face-to-face meetings, we have improved our offerings to better serve their investment program needs remotely,” said Amy Beattie, COO for CFS and SPF. “We have invested a great deal of time and money into developing secure, Cloud-based applications that allow us to do business where the investor wants to be – no matter where that is!”

A fully electronic, web-based system, dataVISION simplifies administration, communications, sales, and reporting functions and was designed from the outset to efficiently handle both the "front and back end" administration, organization, and management of accounts. It offers an intuitive workflow, advanced Boolean search capabilities, expansive reporting features, and direct integration with the clearing firm; it was designed to streamline the full account management process from input of initial client data to management reports.

The profiling tool has been integrated with several other dataVISION features, including:

  • Customization – Investment representatives can customize their profiling tool to ask just the questions they want of clients or prospects. Advisors can customize it to suit their own personal profiling style and even create multiple custom forms for different client and/or prospect types.
  • Data integration with planning software – data collected from the profiling tool can be accessed via dataVISION integration with analysis, performance, and planning software to create client financial plans, increasing efficiency;
  • Image capture from mobile devices – Reps or clients can take a picture of a supporting financial document via an Android or iOS mobile device and securely upload it.

To further support remote delivery, online training videos have been incorporated into the account management program to streamline instruction on various topics of value to representatives, including sales skills, account planning and management.

About CUSO Financial Services, LP and Sorrento Pacific Financial LLC

Full-service, sister broker dealers CUSO Financial Services, L.P. and Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC (MembersFINRA/SIPC) provide customized investment and insurance solutions to financial institutions throughout the country. Headquartered in San Diego, with branch offices and licensed representatives nationwide, both broker dealers areSEC Registered Investment Advisers, with expertise in key areas including retirement services, wealth management, and fee-based and insurance products for both individuals and business customers. For more information, or visit their LinkedIn pages:CFSandSPF.

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