My Portfolio View™

My Portfolio View™ is a dataVISION enhancement module
SPF offers its bank customers for their consumer investment
clients. With My Portfolio View (MPV) banks can integrate their customers' investment information into their regular home banking Websites, branded to match the bank's look and feel.

Banking customers will be able to see their full investment portfolio held at the bank via the same home banking Website they typically use for online account review and bill pay. MPV shows customers and advisors the same up-to-date information for investment reviews, and makes it easy for customers to know the status of their investments at any time of the day or night.

MPV improves client-advisor communication because both parties can access the same account information, rather than up-to-the-minute screens for advisors and old statements for clients. The module also improves client education because many questions can be answered by reviewing accounts online or over the phone, rather than having to meet with advisors in person.
My Portfolio View is one more tool SPF uses to provide efficiencies for financial advisors and the technology tools banking customers want.